MJ Lee     About MJ Lee

I just completed my MA in Family & Consumer Sciences at San Francisco State University (SFSU), specializing in Interior Design. My research topic was focused on baby boomers and Aging in Place. After working in science and technology for 25+ years, I went back to school to study the urgent challenges facing our aging society. My career goal is to apply my education as an aging in place specialist and consultant in interior design.

Services I am offering:

  • Interior Design for Aging in Place: design or review plans. Suggest design solutions for safety and aesthetics. Recommend geriatric care providers or services.
  • Assess what you or your loved one could change to help stay at home as long as possible. To age successfully, there are many factors to address besides interior design: health, transportation, support network, social network, finances, and available social services. We can touch on any that concern you or refer you to other providers.

My design interests focus on:

  • Aging in Place design and technology
  • Ease of use and universal design
  • The latest trends in LED lighting and lighting controls
  • Sustainability and green design

To see schoolwork I have completed, go to

my student portfolio website at http://mjlee101.wix.com/mjlee101

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